COVID-19 and Public Policy

As COVID-19 spreads throughout the U.S. and across the world, the policy responses from all levels of government have been confusing and often conflicting. We as citizens and communities need clear guidance and want to have a voice. COVIDxNOW members are working directly with governments and providing advice to citizens, organizations, and communities on how to effectively engagement with government in policy making and how to get their voices heard. At COVIDxNOW we have engaged with senior public policy leaders, who provide guidance to the community on how to work with policymakers to make the changes needed for their businesses and organizations to succeed in providing the much-needed solutions to the pandemic.

Jim Kolbe

Former Republican Congressional Representative
During his tenure in Congress Jim consistently worked “across the aisle” to lead groundbreaking, important, and impactful policies. He was the second openly gay congressman in the history of the United States. Jim provides his take on what is happening at different levels of government throughout the pandemic, tells his personal story, and provides recommendations for effective engagement with government

Reta Jo Lewis

Director of Congressional Affairs at the German Marshall Fund of the U.S.
Former appointee to the State Department during the Obama Administration as the Special Representative for Intergovernmental Affairs. Life Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Reta Jo Lewis has been involved in U.S. and international policy and politics for decades. In her multitude of roles she has gained significant experience working with government officials and helping influence public policy. She discusses this experiences and provides ideas on how we move forward with respect to public policy and our work with governments.

SOURCE: Pandemic Response Accountability Committee