Creative Innovations

In response to COVID-19 leaders like the members of the COVIDxNOW Community are developing creative and innovative solutions. As highlighted throughout this report these solutions range from new medical technologies, innovative distribution mechanisms, organizational restructuring, support for entrepreneurs, adjustments in education strategies, engagement of the arts, and on and on. Below we highlight two creative solutions in the realm of education.

Stella Payton

Owner, Making People a Priority Consulting Group and Leader of the Chayil Circle of Entrepreneurs
Hattiesburg, Mississippi has numerous educational institutions, including community colleges and 4-year colleges. As such it is one of the highest educated rural areas in the Southern U.S. Stella is working closely with all of the educational institutions and youth in the community to retool education to prepare them for available careers in the time of COVID-19 and for the workforce of the future.

Dr. Jen Welter

1st Female Coach in the NFL, PhD Sports Psychologist, and Author of the Critter Fitter Series
Dr. Welter has not only broken tremendous ground in a male industry, she has supported and mentored other women throughout her career. She has now created a new book series for children and parents to help explain COVID-19 and how to stay safe. Dr. Welter turning to writing the Critter Fitter series is an example of the types of creativity to which leaders are turning to make a difference in the time of COVID-19.