COVID-19 Spreads Around the World

…and We are Responding

We all know that COVID-19 is here and is spreading around the world and affecting our countries, communities, individuals, and businesses and how we live and work. The COVIDxNOW Community is working hard to improve lives and to generate economic solutions throughout this pandemic. We are sharing the stories and recommendations of our community members. With this report we aim to inspire solutions and share requests for support in adapting to our COVID-19 world. We believe that the efforts demonstrated by this community serve as an example for what is possible and their requests for support provide insight into was is needed to help individuals and organizations like them succeed in this important work.

Global Spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic

This animation uses a 5-day moving average, calculated for each day by averaging the values of that day, the two days before, and the two next days. This approach helps prevent events like a change in reporting methods or data variability from skewing the case count. Visualizing new cases demonstrates where the coronavirus actively spread during the past one to two weeks.

It’s official. COVID-19 is now a pandemic, spreading so quickly that any tally of infections and death rapidly becomes out of date. 

World Economic Forum
March 12, 2020

We are responding. For instance, David Alan Foster, CEO of NVNTR Inc. has pivoted his business to create a collaboration platform to connect the world’s inventive genius with on-the-ground first responders, scientists, manufacturers, investors, funders, and governments to provide rapid solutions. Mary Schook is the Founder of Project-19, a crowd-sourced, data-driven symptom database to empower COVID-19 survivors to take steps toward recovery and to enlighten medical and scientific communities. Monica Altamarino is working to get PPE to Nicaragua and needs help with supply as she has distribution capabilities. Another member, Bob Bissen, is providing pro-bono support to organizations producing N95 masks and other PPE.

Shelby Hedgecock

Special Advisor to COVIDxNOW
Shelby Hedgecock is a CEO, entertainer, media expert, and entrepreneur. She is a young survivor of COVID-19 and is still suffering serious health consequences months later. She is an active member of the “Long-Haulers” movement, which is organizing to mobilize policy, medical and business actions to address the current and future needs of individuals and families suffering from the long-term affects of the virus. She shares her story and journey and discusses what needs to be done to address the fact that even in recovery people and communities will continue to deal with long-term health impacts.

Victoria Harris

Managing Partner, Viral Concierge, LLC
Victoria Harris is innovating and expanding access to critical and affordable supplies such as rapid testing on site, providing PPE, and disinfectant products. She has developed new ways to address supply chain and test processing limitations and overload. She provides insights to how she is able to get government-approved supplies to organizations and communities rapidly and affordably. She primarily focuses, with her team, on an FDA EUA clinical supply chain that provides testing, PPE and disinfection solutions to help people stay safe, feel safe and navigate this “new normal.”