Retooling Your Business in the Time of a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is requiring that many of us in business and non-profit sectors need to retool and reset our businesses and organizations. We need to find ways to adapt to the new environment, our areas of focus, our business models, and how we work. If we are to regrow our economies and continue to contribute positively to our communities and countries this is essential. And it’s not easy. Members of the COVIDxNOW Community are working together to think through how to do this and to implement new ways of doing our work. The members have exciting examples on how this can be done.

COVIDxNOW Community Focus Areas

Thirty six percent of the COVIDxNOW members are engaged in activities related to economic recovery. Here is a breakdown of their self-reported areas of impact and engagement.

Many of our members are working on retooling and supporting others to do so.

Letha Pugh

Co-Founder, Bake Me Happy
Letha and her Wife, Wendy, have retooled their gluton free bakery business into a business that is able to deliver food to those with dietary restrictions but without access to specific types of food. She serves communities that normally are unable to find the foods that they need and to provide food to others in need. She discusses her experience of retooling their business in the time of COVID-19.

Lesley-Anne Long

Fellow, Royal Academy for the Encouragement of Arts, Board Member, Wilton Park and and international expert in the fields of global health, technology international development, and higher education and law
Leslie exemplifies the COVIDxNOW aim to support rapid responses to COVID-19. In a short 10 weeks and through strategic partnerships she established four global initiatives: the COVID-19 Digital Classroom, COVID-19 Youth Responders Initiative, the C19 Digital Market Place, and COVID-19 Vaccine Literacy Program. She shares her COVID-19 journey and how she rapidly moved from idea to action.